Chisholm Trail Presbyterian Church

801 W. Vandament Ave. Yukon, OK

(405) 354-3745


August 2016

Dear friends and members of CTPC,

Never let anyone tell you summer in a church is a slow time. The session has been meeting regularly to make plans to revitalize the church.

As a session we have discussed evangelization, stewardship, visitation, new programming for the church, social media, mission, ways of using the church that will make us more visible in the community and advertising.

We are also thinking about and discussing a mission statement for the church. We have had many ideas but would encourage you to write a mission statement and give to the elders for consideration.

The session discussed the issue of drug use in our community. We know the use of heroin is sky rocketing mainly because those who have become addicted to prescription pain medicines and then cannot get those medicines turn to heroin. Heroin is also an opiate like the prescription pain medicines and when someone who is addicted to prescription pain killers can no longer get them, heroin is the drug most like prescription pain killers. Those who are using heroin are no longer people living on the streets or life-long addicts: they are everyday people: mothers, fathers, business men and women, your neighbors and maybe even someone in your family. As this is a growing problem in our country and our community, the session is concerned.

So beginning last month Narcotics Anonymous, a 12 step program for those who have mis-used drugs are using our building for meetings on Thursday and Sunday evenings. NA had no place to meet in Yukon and people had to drive to the city for a meeting. If you drive by on a Thursday or Sunday evening you will see our parking lot is full – affirming the need for NA in Yukon. If you do enter the building on a Sunday or Thursday evening please be mindful that NA, like all 12 step programs, insist on anonymity.

You will notice our new ‘Donation Station.’ We have started this ministry to help those in our community who have less than us. And there are many who have needs. If you have household items or clothing that you no longer need please bring it to the church and place it in the back hallway. Please make sure clothing is clean and all zippers and other closures are in working order. If you would be willing to occasionally help staff the ‘Donation Station’ please let Jonathan know.

We are also signed up to serve ice cream at The Dale Robertson Center August 8. If you would like to be a part of this please let Jonathan know. Remember to wear your blue Chisholm Trail t-shirt so that the community will know who we are.

We have other future plans for making our church visible in the community. Please considering offering your time as we seek to revitalize this congregation. And pray, pray, pray for this congregation and those working to preserve it and grow it for future generations.


Pastor Jan

July 2016

The church office and the pastor's office have been moved and are up and running.  It took a lot of time and a lot of help: thanks to Scott Schroder, two really great carpenters, Tina Hintze, Jonathan Stroud and a host of others who helped move desks, file cabinets, tables, build cabinets, carry boxes of books, put books on shelves, and organize.  

The contractor for Head Start, Tim Pace who rebuilt our building after the great flood, has begun work for the new space for Early Head Start. The wall between my old office and the nursery has been removed and plumbing for a washing machine has been installed in what used to be the men's room in the upper hallway. Early Head Start hopes to have children here when the new school year begins.

- Pastor Jan